The Four Temperaments

The Four Temperaments, 2017

Acrylic on Wood Panel

Photo Transfer On Wood Panel

Charcoal and Alcohol on Stretched Paper Over Wood Panel

Acrylic on Wood Panel

This series is based on the psychological theory that there are four different fundamental personality types that are controlled by an overwhelming dominance of one of four different bodily fluids. Phlegmatic (associate with blue, phlegm, and a relaxed and peaceful personality), Choleric, (associated with red, blood and a short tempered and decisive personality), Melancholy (associated with black, black bile and a deeply feeling and analytical personality) and Sanguine (associated with yellow, yellow bile, and an enthusiastic and social personality). All four images are based on the same photograph of a glass of beer, which was manipulated and inverted in different ways for each piece. The repetitive use of imagery and the subject of the photo suggest  the addiction and obsession that is tied to the overabundance that was believed to determine an individuals personality type.

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