And Roses, and Roses

And Roses, and Roses, 2018

18″x24″, Graphite, Charcoal, Ink, Acrylic and Alcohol on Wood Panel16″x20″, Ink and Alcohol on Glass18″x24″, Acrylic and Alcohol on Plexiglass

18″x24″,Acrylic and Alcohol on Acetate Print

This series is centered around the repetition of one image that is repeatedly created and then distorted by alcohol or inverted to create an oppositional image. The pieces are visual metaphors for the methods that people use to escape the actual self. The separation of ego and shadow, the creation of binaries and the escape through the use of substances, such as alcohol. Through the lens of these divisive strategies we can only see a distortion of reality, a fragment of our actual self.

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